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Our Story

At FÊTE DES ENFANTS you find carefully selected pieces for our beloved little ones. Discover unique fashion brands, accessories and toys, as well as all you might need for your new born baby.

We stand with the brands that share our philosophy as we strongly share a passion for aesthetics, an awakened view on sustainability and products fit for everyday use.

This project is the continuation of the unique fashion store FÊTE DE LA BOUTIQUE which is also lovingly curated by owners Teresa and Zamin.

We strongly believe in a warm welcoming lifestyle, staying curious and supporting each other. As we grow alongside you we are more than happy to share our journey and expand the community even more.

With FÊTE DES ENFANTS we want to make everybody’s shopping experience fun and welcoming –  exactly what une fête should be! 


Mulackstr. 28

10119 Berlin

Monday - Saturday

10:00 - 19:00

+49 (0)30 81471902

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