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Made using 3D knitting technology, Flybaby has a seamless fit, with no pinching material joints. With different flexible zones, its fabric provides babies optimal support and while unburdening parents' shoulders at the same time. Magnetic buckles make handling safe and uncomplicated. The carrier is manufactured in Europe using 3D knitting technology. This gives it its snug, seamless fit while avoiding any textile waste. The PET yarn used can be completely recycled at the end of its product life. Which is good, because we love not just our children, but also our planet.


- Flexible shoulder straps for perfect weight distribution: With a stretchy ribbed structure, the knitted fabric adapts flexibly to the shoulder area and distributes baby's weight evenly. This is easy on the back and relieves the muscles. This means that tension, which can arise from the punctual strain of standard harnesses, doesn't stand a chance.


- Soft reinforced hip belt: Just like the shoulders, the hips are also optimally supported in their load-bearing role. For this purpose, the hip belt is pleasantly padded with soft quilting so that it does not pinch or constrict even during long use.


- Light knitted fabric for a comfortable wearing condition: Flybaby's breathable knit fabric prevents parents and baby from sweating even on warm summer days. The open mesh structure on the baby's back nestles softly and ensures ideal ventilation.


- Small packing volume: Put it in your bag! The soft and lightweight carrier weighs just under 400 g and has a really small packing volume. As a compact little bag measuring 10 x 8 x 5 cm, it goes everywhere with you and is ready at hand when needed.


- Suitable for babies up to max. 15kg.


Colour: Blue
Material: 100% Recycled Polyester (The yarn is made of flame retardant PES (polyester) and complys with current standards and fire protection norms such as DIN 4102, CAL 117 and EN 1021-1.)



249,00 €Price